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Release Date: 9th September 2022

The debut album from Oliver Sim on Limited Edition “Blood Splattered” White Cassette. Orders include an exclusive film strip design taken from Oliver Sim & Yann Gonzalez’ short film ‘Hideous’ while supplies last.

  1. Hideous feat. Jimmy Somerville
  2. Romance With A Memory
  3. Sensitive Child
  4. Never Here
  5. Unreliable Narrator
  6. Saccharine
  7. Confident Man
  8. GMT
  9. Fruit
  10. Run The Credits

"I’ve made an album! It’s called Hideous Bastard and it’s out on the 9th of September. This is my first solo album and whilst it’s been made away from The xx. It’s been produced entirely by my brother Jamie xx and my sister Romy has been by my side right the way through. I struggle writing these things out of fear of sounding too self important or serious. A lot of this record is serious on paper, I’ve written a lot about fear, shame and masculinity, but I made these songs as a way of freeing myself. So I see Hideous Bastard as not only self deprecating but also having a lot of joy & humour. The album has been brought to life as a queer horror film, “HIDEOUS”, by my friend and director Yann Gonzalez. I had the pleasure of seeing it premiere at Cannes Film Festival last night and you’ll be able to watch it in all it’s gruesome and camp glory soon.”
– Oliver